The Importance of Changing the Filter on Your Heating/ AC Unit

  • By Shawn Adam
  • 01 Jul, 2016

Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning is an employee-owned, leading heating and air conditioning contractor serving the greater Spokane, WA area.

Warmer months probably have you thinking about outdoor fun and enjoyment but don't forget to take a moment to consider your home's air conditioner performance and quality. Summer is the time when air conditioning units get the most use. Changing your unit's filter regularly ensures your system will run more efficiently and maintain better air quality.

Energy Star   recommends that you check your unit's air filter monthly and change it every 1-3 months. A filter clogged with dust or pet dander make the unit work harder to heat and cool your home. Having a clean filter allows air to circulate more freely through the system, saving you energy costs and extending the life of your unit.

Because and air filter affects indoor air quality, it is also important from a health standpoint to inspect heating and air conditioning filters regularly. Replace it if it looks brown, dirty, or clogged. Always replace a filter that feels damp, to prevent mold growth. Indoor air quality is important for everyone, but if someone in the home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, it is especially important to make sure the unit is running with a clean filter. Those who run their units year-round, own pets, smoke, or have had construction or a wildfire in the area should also change the filter more frequently.

Replacing your heating and air conditioning filter regularly is a simple and cost-effective way to avoid costly repairs and replacements. It is also and easy step to take towards lowering your energy bill, reducing carbon emissions, and maintaining a clean indoor air environment. Avoiding an overworked, inefficient unit will help keep your heating and air conditioning unit in operation and cut down on allergens and pollutants in your home.

If your heater or air conditioner isn't working, save some time and money by first checking and changing your air filter. This simple step can save you a service call and get your system running in no time!

Sturm Heating & Air Conditioning is an employee-owned, leading heating and air conditioning contractor serving the greater Spokane, WA area. Servicing all brands, our goal is to help with all of your heating and air conditioning needs, including furnace repair, air conditioning repair, and tune-ups. For more information, please visit our   website   or call (509) 325-4505.
By Shawn Adam 05 Jan, 2017
Trane TruComfort variable speed systems provide the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. Instead of cycling on and off at full capacity like conventional systems, Trane TruComfort systems run at the lowest speed needed for the current weather conditions, helping homeowners save energy and money. See how it works!
By Shawn Adam 15 Dec, 2016
My heating bill is what?! Please tell me that’s a phone number and not how much I owe… With the kids at college, their rooms sit unused. Can I save on my heating bill by closing the vents?
By Shawn Adam 03 Dec, 2016
Ideal for warmer climates, a heat pump is an efficient choice when you want mostly cool air and then heated air only on occasion. Lennox® heat pumps can also be combined with a gas furnace for ultimate comfort and energy savings.
By Shawn Adam 02 Dec, 2016
A hot water heater is generally not a piece of household mechanics to which you give much thought. However, when it breaks or malfunctions, you will wish you had taken the time to go over this handy list of preservation tips. Here are 5 things you should check regularly to keep this unsung hero of household comfort running well.
By Shawn Adam 01 Dec, 2016
With new building codes in place, most homes built after 1979 are better insulated and much more tightly sealed. This helps reduce the amount of energy used to keep the home comfortable, but it also traps humidity and allergens in the home. 
By Shawn Adam 22 Nov, 2016

Dust and mold are often unseen to the naked eye, but can wreak havoc on the health of allergy sufferers. While you probably take the time to clean areas of your home where you know they will build up, what is lurking behind the walls in your home is quite often another story. Air ducts are a great place for dust and mold and other pollutants to proliferate and thrive. The warm environment allows mold spores to grow, and the forced air does its part to blow dust and other allergens all over your home. Here are five reasons you should consider getting your air ducts cleaned today.

By Shawn Adam 16 Nov, 2016
In Spokane, a heat pump ranges in price from $4700 to $7000. The price of your heat pump will depend on a number of factors including size of your home, level of energy efficiency, installation variances and quality. The quality would be determined by a good-better-best offering and the variances would depend on the difficulty of the install. While this may be a hefty price tag, there is good news. Energy.Gov states that a heat pump can operate at about one quarter of the cost of a conventional heating/cooling appliance. That means big savings in the long run!

Additionally, there are often rebates available both from the manufacturers and/or your local utility company. Our experts are happy to help you determine what rebates may be available for you.
By Shawn Adam 15 Nov, 2016
  • The furnace is a major part of a split or hybrid system. The furnace creates warm air to heat the home. 

  • The furnace can also work in conjunction with a condenser or heat pump to circulate cool air throughout the home. 

  • The furnace is comprised of a blower to circulate air, a gas valve and heat exchanger to heat the air. 

  • If combined with an air conditioner or heat pump, a coil is attached to the furnace.

  • According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), "Reducing your heating energy use is the single more effective way to save money and reduce your home's contribution to global environmental problems.

  • Recent technology advances have given us two and three-stage furnaces using variable-speed blowers, which can improve comfort within the home and further reduces energy consumption.
By Shawn Adam 15 Nov, 2016
During the hotter times of the year, an Air Conditioner delivers cool, comfortable air to the home. The air conditioner sends refrigerant to the indoor coil, chilling the coil. After the refrigerant chills the coil, it absorbs the heat from the warm air and returns it to the air conditioner where it is released into the outside air. As air is passing through the coil, it also leaves moisture behind, reducing the humidity in the home. 
By Shawn Adam 15 Nov, 2016
Professor Dennis Buffington from the department of agriculture and biological engineering of Penn State University says "To make an "apples-to-apples" comparison of various forms of energy, the comparisons must be made on the basis of dollars per million BTUs." Below is an energy cost comparison to create 1 million B.T.U.s.
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